Contemplating filing suit | Lisa McClure

Dear Ms. McClure:

I hereby confirm receipt of your email below and your previous email.

Further, this email is being publicly posted at – Requests, demands, or propaganda received by the Office of Linn County (Iowa) Auditor and other election offices.


County Auditor, BS, CERA
935 2ND St. SW | Cedar Rapids, IA 52404Ph: 319-892-5333 | Ph: 319-892-5300

Vision: Every person engaged in local government

WARNING: Your initial email to me (if any), this email, and your reply, may be viewed by other Linn County elected officials and/or County personnel without our knowledge or consent. Any email exchanged between us may be subject to public disclosure or subpoena.

From: Lisa McClure <>
Sent: Friday, September 2, 2022 10:24 PM
To: Miller, Joel <>
Subject: Follow Up

Dear Joel Miller:

Earlier this week I sent you a letter and e-mail instructing you that I am contemplating filing suit against your organization based on credible information I have received regarding your organization’s possible involvement in criminal and/or civil actions pertaining to election integrity issues. As of Friday, September 2, I have not received a response from you.

I can understand your possible confusion in wondering why a citizen who pays your salary with his or her tax dollars wishes to hold responsible the people that have contributed to the degradation of our nation’s republic and the destruction of our state and local communities. After all, for far too long now, government employees such as you have been unchallenged by the hardworking Americans upon whose backs you administer and/or uphold policies for which, in many if not most cases, the American people did not give their consent. Therefore, I shall place my instructions in the simplest possible terms to maximize the chances that you will comprehend the message I am trying to convey.

Federal, state and local government entities are largely to blame for the deplorable condition of our communities. For far too long, the American people have not had the benefit of legitimate representation across all levels of government. Evidence continues to amass which demonstrates that America has not had free or fair elections since 2017. I have reason to believe your organization may have directly or indirectly contributed to the fraudulently installed individuals whose actions have resulted in the destruction of our communities. I put this in plain terms in the hopes you will understand what I am saying – I AM CONSIDERING SUING YOU FOR YOUR AND/OR YOUR ORGANIZATION’S INVOLVEMENT IN THE FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS THAT WILL SOON BE PROVEN TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE SINCE 2017. Any attempts by you or your organization to destroy the election records and accompanying relevant documentation that I, as your benefactor and employer, have demanded you retain will be met with the harshest possible criminal and civil repercussions available under the law.


Lisa McClure

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