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Sent: Friday, September 2, 2022 4:37 PM


Greetings all county auditors and election clerks,

This is a FOIA request. I am requesting a copy of the report you sent on election night from your tabulators to the Secretary of State.  This report, of the actual votes submitted to the Secretary of State is a report that you generated and do possess.

In this report are the results of the voting for your county, without names or personal information of any of the voters.  Voting results are not sealed by the State. First, they are not sealed, because the report is not a paper document, it is digital in nature.  If they were sealed, in a container, the purpose of the seal would be to make sure that the data had not been tampered with and was available for inspection if there were issues with the election.

I and other concerned citizens of Iowa believe, due to extensive analytics of the State and every county in Iowa, that there were significant issues with this election and even every election held thereafter.  We believe the source of those issues to be external to your office and personnel and it does not involve you or your personnel.  We are requesting that this “report,” generated for the Secretary of State on election night, be removed from storage, digitally copied, and then carefully returned to its proper storage location. We are further requesting that the digital copy be relayed to us as soon as practicable. We can provide you or reimburse you for a digital USB device for transfer of the data.

Relaying this data is your legal responsibility as an auditor or clerk of your county.

Maybe you have not heard about The Moment of Truth rally that took place a few weekends ago in Springfield, Mo, in which they prove that every county in the nation has been hacked.  If you destroy these records after these have been requested, you may be in direct violation of the lawsuit going on right now against Iowa’s Secretary of State for Election Fraud.

Please read the letter again that is attached and even look up the rally on Look up the Tina Peters (Mesa County clerk) case from Colorado and her documentary: , this is a shocking documentary.

One of these individuals whom I would say is an expert on election fraud has been to our state and most every other state in the nation and has purposely known that our systems are hackable, along with vast other experts in Cyber security. The following are his direct quotes regarding election security in Iowa:

When I first read this “reassuring” document from Iowa Secretary of State Pate, I was so struck with how misinformed and misleading it is that I couldn’t decide whether Pate was misleading, is evil, or stupid, or willfully ignorant.

But the more I learn about him, and the more I think about it, I am now of the opinion that Pate is All of it:  stupid, willfully ignorant, deliberately misleading, AND evil.

Anyone who claims that their modern electronic devices are “secure” because they are “air-gapped” is unfit for the job.

Anyone who thinks that paper ballots “can’t be hacked” has deliberately ignored the prevalent practice of ballot counterfeiting and ballot stuffing.

Now, I would first of all, not want to believe that of my own Secretary of State.  As a citizen of the State of Iowa, I am requesting this information to prove that he is not the things listed above.

At The Moment of Truth Rally, there was a person there that created the first algorithm back in 2000.  He believes elections have been hacked since 2004. He is also a staunch Democrat (not that that matters, as I am a Republican) and has rallied that the machines be removed in the US ever since 2004. Europe asked him a few years ago how they could make their machines more secure for their elections.  He replied that there was not any way to make them secure–NOT ONE. Destroy the machines and go to a paper ballot method.  All of Europe did that in their last election.

As an election official, I know that you want secure elections as do I.  I hope that you will provide the information requested.  Attached is also a letter detailing this information and instructions if needed.


Kathryn Heilesen

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