Records request | Lisa McClure

From: Lisa McClure <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 1:54 PM
To: Miller, Joel <>
Subject: Information Request

Dear Linn County Auditor Joel Miller:

As a citizen of the Great State of Iowa and under the Iowa Open Records Law § 22.1 et seq., I am requesting the following information:

1. Does the State of Iowa use software, hardware, any other products, or services connected to any foreign entity as part of the 2020 election or the upcoming election?

This includes any/all activities from start to finish (i.e., voter verification methods/signature comparisons, ballot scanning equipment, ballot processing software, modem downloads/access, internet connectivity, modem tape result tabulation/printing, or any other step in the voting & election process.

2. Are there any foreign entity contractual agreements in any process related to the election process, specifically, but not limited to, Scytl Election Technologies S.L.U. (also stylized SCYTL)?

If so, please provide a copy of the contracts and direct me to exactly which points in the election process where foreign countries may be involved (actively or passively) and the specific Iowa State Statute that demonstrates this type of involvement is legal.

3. Have there been changes to the current policies from past elections to the upcoming elections?

The United States Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) held a call with election officials, State Officials, and agents to discuss cybersecurity in the then, upcoming election of August 2016. At this time The Department of Homeland Security offered assistance to any state that wanted help securing its’ electronic election infrastructure. DHS sent this to every single state in this great Union. Examples of aid or assistance could include but are not limited to, the following: fiduciary claims, financial assistance, legal aid, free devices or software, or simply advice from the Department of Homeland Security regarding the election(s)

4. Did Iowa accept help from the Department of Homeland Security for their elections in 2016 or any election held after 2016?

5. Did you, the Secretary of State office of Iowa, accept any help and/or assistance in any sort, way, fashion, or methods from the Department of Homeland Security?

Due to time restraints via the statute of limitations for the 2020 elections, I request a prompt response. A lack of response will be written down as a “yes/positive” in the legal action that will commence.

Please respond to my email at lisanissen in a timely fashion. Or send me a letter with the information I have requested to my address:

Lisa McClure

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