Sounds like out of staters would have been allowed to vote | Gary Ellis

From: Gary Ellis <>

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2022 8:28 AM

To: Zack Kucharski <>

Cc: Miller, Joel <>; Todd Dorman <>; James Lynch <>; Quinn Pettifer <>; Althea Cole <>

Subject: Legal Voting

Your editorial today suggested that the Auditor would have let a voter who had moved out of state vote.

“Joel Miller said many challenged registrations were for voters who moved out of state. … Grant Veeder said many of the questioned registrations would have been canceled anyway if the registrants failed to vote in November.”

Sounds like out of staters would have been allowed to vote in both Linn and Black Hawk.

So nothing was stopping these people from voting besides the challenges even though they had moved out of state.

How did Linn and Black Hawk learn the voters had moved out of state? From the challenges?

What happened ti the challenges that were not people who moved out of state? Were people removed for other reasons? Did the Auditors follow the law?

The Gazette again admits they do not understand if there was election fraud because they have no idea how the process works.


Gary Ellis

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