#FactCheckFriday | Office of Iowa Secretary of State

From: Hall, Kevin <Kevin.Hall@sos.iowa.gov>
Sent: Friday, September 9, 2022 10:14 AM
Cc: Burhans, Heidi <Heidi.Burhans@sos.iowa.gov>
Subject: FactCheckFriday posts

Dear County Auditor,

To help us dispel misinformation and disinformation about Iowa’s elections, in addition to our #MythBustinMonday posts, we are adding a weekly #FactCheckFriday one. Here is today’s:

Caption: Today’s #FactCheckFriday debunks a claim that elections would be more secure with only hand counted results. For more information, visit sos.iowa.gov/electionsecurity

Graphic: Iowa’s+elections+are+conducted+on+paper+ballots+to+ensure+accurate+tabulation+on+Election+Day..png (1600×900)

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Thanks. Have a great weekend! Go Cyclones. 😊

Kevin Hall – Communications Director

#MythBustinMonday| Office of Iowa Secretary of State

From: Hall, Kevin <Kevin.Hall@sos.iowa.gov>
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 10:15 AM
Cc: Burhans, Heidi <Heidi.Burhans@sos.iowa.gov>; Hicok, Wes <Wes.Hicok@sos.iowa.gov>
Subject: Today’s MythBustinMonday post

Dear County Auditor,

Here is this week’s #MythBustinMonday social media post, to dispel some of the election misinformation and disinformation out there. Please feel free to share these on your own pages. We plan to release one each Monday ahead of the November general election as well as a #FactCheckFriday one.

We’re also directing Iowans to the Election Security in Iowa page on our website: Election Security in Iowa

Here is a graphic you can utilize today: Mythbustin+Monday.png (1600×900)

Caption: On today’s #MythBustinMonday we’re taking a look at the steps to keep Iowa’s voter rolls clean. For more info, visit sos.iowa.gov/electionsecurity.

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Kevin Hall – Communications Director